Technology Inventory

CPS 403 Homework Assignment


Due on date assigned in class; Counts as a quiz.


In a manner that is most convenient for you, make a record of each interaction that you have with a computer-controlled technology from midnight on Wednesday night until midnight on Thursday night.


Every use of a computer-controlled device should be recorded.  If you use the same device more than once in the same day, record each use, as long as at least five minutes has elapsed between the end of the prior use and the beginning of the newest use.  The five minute rule does not apply if you use the same device for a different purpose.


The use of the device must require your attention. For example, starting your iPod to play music will require a small amount of attention. Turning it off requires a small amount of attention. Listening to the music for two hours requires very little attention unless you are studying the music. On the other hand, if you start a DVD and watch it with your friends, then you were being attentive during the viewing and all the time counts. You’ll figure it out.


At the end of the exercise, create a spreadsheet using Excel (or some other spreadsheet tool) to make a list of your computer usage, as follows:



time start

time end


cell phone



rcv voice mail

cell phone



text msg out




chk email


Attach a cover page to your printed Technology Use Inventory and summarize the results by tabulating


a) how many computers you used during that single day,

b) how many total interactions you had with a computer,

c) the approximate number of minutes you were engaged in the use of computer

    controlled equipment on the day in questions, and

d) percentage of computer use time compared to the time that you were awake on

    the day in question.